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Commitment to #JaguarExcellence

Mrs. Tabina Adam

Department Chairperson


The English Language Arts Department is committed to providing instruction that inspires readiness for college and careers as well as positions students for high level of success on performance assessments. Through fidelity in implementation of research-based strategies for remediating struggling learners as well as enriching students who are meeting and exceeding expectations, we are confident that all students will grow academically and assume a path to achieving their God-given potentials.
Our department recognizes that to effect significant positive change in student performance, we must subscribe to a no excuse philosophy and take all necessary steps to meet every student where they are academically and facilitate their consistent growth. Thus, we have laid out a strategic plan that starts with an important shift from teacher to student-centered learning within classrooms structurally aligned to 21st century expectations. Such classrooms promote the paradigm of constructivism in the teaching and learning process. What this means is that teachers serve as guides for students to find individual meaning in their learning through continuous reflection, questioning, and assessment--- both individually and as cooperative groups.  In this way, students take more ownership of their learning and become intrinsically motivated to excel academically.
In our student-centered, 21st century classrooms, the following is emphasized:
  • Implementation of the Gradual Release of Responsibility Model becomes key to helping all students acquire key reading and writing skills. Within this model, a step-by-step process is engaged. The teacher models the skill (I Do), and then practices the skill with the students (We Do). The next phase sees students fully at work. They are released to take responsibility for their learning as they practice the skill together (You Do Together), and individually (You Do Alone).
  • Data Drives Instruction- Students are placed in flexible cooperative groups based on multiple forms of data and receive high quality tiered instruction to their unique needs.
  • Assessment is consistent and ongoing- Every 10-12 minutes, teachers check for student understanding (CFU) and respond instructionally.
  • Technology is integrated into instruction at each of its three tiers with a strong emphasis on Tier 3, which promotes students individual as well as collaborative use on learning activities.
Some of the 2017-2018 initiatives/ programs that will lead to improved academic performance: 
  • Campus High School PUN Day- PUN stands for Power Up Now and its a day set aside each month to draw attention to the New Jersey Student Learning Standards for reading, designated as Power Standards.  The power standards are R. 1, R.2, R.4, and R.6.   On PUN Day, learning activities align to the indicated standards and are delivered through learning stations.  The artifacts from this day are posted to the PUN Day bulletin board.
  • Power Up 30 Afterschool Intervention Program - This program is an extension of the PUN Day initiative as it provides 30 weeks of remedial, reinforcing and reflective instruction on the power standards. Teachers place students in flexible groups and guide them through rotations of the standards on a 4-day cycle. The program runs three days a week for one-hour after-school.
  • Writing Across Content- Writing continues to be a main focus and is an expectation in every subject area. All teachers will receive a writing protocol and specific training around how to facilitate evidence-based writing in their subject areas. Brand new to Campus this year, the Writing Center is open daily during all lunch periods, giving scholars the opportunity to sharpen their writing skills. The Writing Center is located in the Media Center.
  • Academic Competitions- Essay, elocution, impromptu, and dramatic poetry competitions will be implemented throughout the school year for students on each level.​
  • D.E.A.R. Day: Sustained silent reading helps build vocabulary, connect to writing, build background knowledge, create independent lifelong learners, develop an understanding of the qualities of great readers, give students the power to choose what they want to read, and build a community of learners. Once a month, during second period, students, teachers, administrators and staff will drop everything and read for fifteen minutes. 
  • Tidbit Thursdays: "Tidbit Thursdays" is a Professional Development initiative with the mission of inspiring greater instructional capacity and skill among East Orange Campus High School teachers and staff. A culture of idea sharing and collaboration is fostered as teachers and staff serve as facilitators of the workshops. "Tidbit Thursdays" occur in the Media Center every Thursday from 2:30 PM - 3:00 PM.
2017-18 D.E.A.R Day Calendar:
  • 09/26/17
  • 10/31/17
  • 11/21/17
  • 12/19/17
  • 01/16/18
  • 02/21/18
  • 03/20/18
  • 04/17/18
  • 05/15/18
  • 06/12/18

Thank you for visiting our page. Should you have any questions or need further information regarding any of the information presented above, please dont hesitate to contact me.
Tabina Adam Ed.S.
English Department Chair
973-266-7300 ext. 51033
Twitter: @TabinaAdam

English Department Faculty and Staff:
Mr. Godwin Amarikwa
Ms. Ellen Cacchione
Ms. DiNedra Clark-Brown
Ms. Renee Coleman
Ms. Karen Conroy
Mr. Daniel Dominguez
Ms. Kristen Eannetta 
Ms. Amber Evans
Ms. Belita Ghafoor
Ms. Monique Herring-Drummond
Ms. Maria Kelly
Mr. James Lansing
Ms. Kathy Magro
Mr. Alex Mendiola
Ms. Beth Robinson
Ms. Erica Rogers
Ms. Narima Shahabudeen
Ms. Patricia Taiwo
Ms. Catherine Walsh
Ms. Javonne Winborne